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Booking, refund and cancellation terms

General Terms

  1. The information contained on the website (www.azimuth is subject to change without prior notice. Neither the owner nor third part guarantee the accuracy, completeness or limit to the information contained therein.
  2. Any activity performed by the company Azimuth, education and scientific tourism S.L. (hereafter Azimuth) at the Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA) and its surroundings will has as a meeting point the parking place located at the western end of the resort marked on the map accessible through the website:
    Make sure you can arrive on time to take part in the activity, otherwise you may not  access it, not being this circumstance justification for return or reschedule.
  3. Calar Alto Observatory is located at an altitude of 2168 meters above sea level which causes a decrease in the amount of oxygen and weather conditions typical of high mountain. For this reason it is recommended to people who can suffer physical problems to previously consult your doctor. Neither the Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA) nor the company Azimuth, education and scientific tourism. S.L.  are responsible for any deterioration in health that can arise as a result of the altitude, or failure to comply with the recommendations and warnings (see FAQ document) that have been made.
  4. Before the visit/activity your guide can apply for accreditation of the identity of the participants, in addition to the age of children participating. All children must be accompanied at all times by at least one responsible adult. As a result of the lack in proof of identity and / or age of attendees participation may be refused, not being this justification for return or reschedule.
  5. Visits to the interior of the facilities of Calar Alto Observatory take place only during the day for reasons of scientific operation and / or maintenance. The telescope to visit depends on availability. Visiting a non-expected telescope will not be justification for ticket cancellation, refund or reschedule.
  6. Weather conditions at the Calar Alto Observatory may change in short periods of time regardless of the time of the year. If the road access to the observatory do not offer the minimum security conditions visits / activities may change both schedule and date, a fact that will be communicated to the client as early as possible contacting via the telephone number provided in your booking.

Booking conditions

  1. By confirming the reservation / purchase of the activities and services offered on the web you accept the booking conditions, refund and cancellation terms set forth herein.
  2. The entrance/ticket to any of our products / services is not transferable, is only valid for the day and time specified and is valid only for:
    1. People older than 8 years old for the activity “Visits to the German-Spanish Centre”.
    2. People older than 6 years old for the activity “Discover Calar Alto Sky”.
    3. People older than 12 years old for the activity “Astronomer for One Night”
  3. The purchaser of the activity / service is responsible for the authenticity and timeliness of all information communicated to Azimuth. Please print your ticket or bring it with you in PDF format.
  4. Once your reservation has been processed / confirmed you will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided to us. It is your responsibility to check, before purchase, that the information provided by you is accurate and meets your own requirements regarding type of activity, date, time, shift, number of participants and age. Azimuth is only responsible for producing tickets for activities / services according to the information provided to us by the client.
  5. After confirming the purchase of an activity / service, the date for which the activity / service has been purchased can not be changed. Payment of activities / services do not admit any return, except when due to supervened adverse weather conditions, this has to be canceled. Calar Alto Observatory and Azimuth as a company responsible for carrying out the different activities, has got the right to cancel the execution of any activity in response to weather conditions, security, and scientific or maintenance reserves.
  6. Calar Alto Observatory and Azimuth reserve for themselves the right of admission based on safety and health circumstances.

Refund and cancellation terms

  1. The activity / service can be cancelled unexpectedly by the Observatory and / or Azimuth due to unforeseen circumstances of adverse weather that could affect security at the entrances to the Observatory (ice, snow, landslides or weather alert) or in order not to disturb/impede scientific operations or maintenance activities carried out within the facility.
  2. If according to the circumstances described in the previous section the daytime visit to the Observatory is to be canceled, you will be informed of such a vicissitude as soon as possible. The option to reschedule will be given according to availability, or refund of the full amount.
  3. If taking into account the conditions described in paragraph 1 the activity “Discover the Calar Alto Sky” has to be cancelled, the customer will be informed of such vicissitude as soon as possible.  The option to reschedule will be given according to availability, or refund of the full amount.
  4. The Visit to the German-Spanish Astronomical Centre, Discover Calar Alto Sky and Astronomer for One Night activities are subject to a minimum number of attendees. If the minimum amount of attendees is not reached the activity may be cancelled. Tthe customer will be informed of such vicissitude as soon as possible.  The option to reschedule will be given according to availability, or refund of the full amount.
  5. The client / group of customers may request the cancellation and refund of the full amount paid for an activity / service up to 10 calendar days before performing it. From this moment cancellations by the customer are not refundable.
  6. The “Astronomer for one night” activity could be canceled by Azimuth at any time prior to its completion time and as a rule 24 hours before its realization  if adverse weather conditions are expected or minimum amount of attendees is not reached. The customer will be informed of such vicissitude as soon as possible. The customer will be given the opportunity to reschedule according to availability or refund of the full amount.
  7. The “Astronomer by Night” activity once begun may be canceled at any time in response to security circumstances about people and/or things as well as weather conditions, and in any case at the request by the person in charge of the Observatory.
  8. The decision to definitely cancelled the “Astronomer for one Night” activity, once begun, for the reasons described in the previous paragraph, is subject solely to the criteria in the first place of the person responsible by the Observatory and secondarily to the person responsible for part of Azimuth. The definitive cancellation of the activity once begun will not be a justification for refund or reschedule.